The truth about home needling

With the rise in popularity of micro needling – or derma-rolling as it’s also known – aesthetic nurse prescriber, Carly Pearce, cautions against DIY options

 There has been great interest in the use of dermarollers and their benefit to the skin, but be warned, home dermarollers should be purchased with caution.

 There are varying qualities available on the market and you need to check that the device is sterile, that the needles are the correct length and are of a high quality.

After a quick search for dermarollers online, I found a triple pack for £13.99. The needle depths of the rollers in the pack were 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm. And there are a few issues here. I was trained to recommend home roller devices of 0.1 and 0.3mm needle depth. A deeper needle is not appropriate for home use. Without the correct sterilisation of your skin and the roller itself, you could cause an infection. Without adopting the correct technique and using the deeper needles, you may cause an increased level of trauma and even damage skin. This could result in scarring and pigmentation.

There is a precise technique to rollering in order to achieve optimum results and to perform the procedure safely. The devices I saw are not sterile so you have no idea how they are made or where they have been stored – so who knows what bacteria you could potentially be needling into your skin.

As the devices are extremely cheap, it is highly unlikely that the needles will be of a good quality.

 However, a high quality home dermaroller device might be of benefit to the skin by stimulating the epidermis with a short needle length and increasing the absorption of tailored products for your skin. It is important to know what products are suitable for use post procedure as incorrect product choice could result in redness, stinging and evident skin irritation. If you need advice on a suitable home roller, I know an ethical company that uses German engineering to produce high quality devices so please send me a message. 

Posted on: October 25th, 2021

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