The truth about chemical peels

If you have never experienced a chemical peel before, the idea of one may conjure up images of bright red skin, huge sheets of skin peeling away, grim I know. An unpleasant and even painful treatment with days of wanting to hide out.

What if I told you, it can be a very relaxing treatment that can gently exfoliate the skin and infuse it with antioxidants.

A chemical peel is a solution applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells.

There are three types of chemical peels, superficial, medium, and deep.

Superficial and medium can be a very safe treatment provided they are administered correctly and by an appropriately trained practitioner.

Deep peels are used less frequently. These can require extensive downtime and do present a higher level or risk and side effects.

Why get a chemical peel?

As we get older our cell cycles within our skin start to slow down and as a result our skin can start to age, develop discolouration, and lose laxity.

The skin health can be improved and stimulated by causing minor trauma by application of a chemical peel. Repeating the process over time can create a brighter, tighter, and more youthful complexion.

The skin barrier can also be strengthened by specific targeted active ingredients and in turn reduce skin sensitivity.

Peels can lift and reduce discoloration, making them a popular choice of those who have pigmentation on their skin.

Chemical peels can play an important in helping acne prone skin by reducing sebum and eliminating pore build up resulting in a skin clarifying effect.

My personal brand of choice for chemical peels is PCA skin. The company was founded 31 years ago, and they believe in a “progressive, not aggressive approach when treating skin”.

Using carefully tailored formulas to increase cell turnover by stimulating the cell cycles in the skin to create new skin cells and in turn reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tackling pigmentation, and improving skin clarity by reducing breakouts.

This echoes what I stated earlier in relation to having extremely tolerable treatments that can provide impressive skin improvements. That is why chemical peels are one of the most popular skin treatments I offer and form an essential part of a patient protocol to achieve skin confidence.

If you would like to learn more about chemical peels, you are welcome to book a consultation and see what they can do for you. You can tell me your skin concerns and we can discuss a treatment protocol to suit your schedule.

Nurse Carly x

Posted on: November 11th, 2021

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