Endocare® C Ferulic Serum – 30ml



Pollution and tobacco smoke cause a cascade of damage to the skin by stimulating a specific receptor (AhR receptor) in key skin cells.
The revolutionary EDAFENCE technology is not only a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to neutralise the free radicals caused by pollution and tobacco smoke, but crucially, it also stops the stimulation of the AhR receptor helping to prevent the cascade of damage. It truly is a revelation in pollution defence for skin.
This unique technology features in the brand new Endocare-C Ferulic EDAFENCE serum.

The light, oil-free daily-use defence serum melts quickly into the skin leaving it dry to the touch. It features 10% Vitamin C to promote skin health and brightening, and ferulic acid to help boost the Vitamin C activity within the skin. In addition, Endocare C Ferulic EDAFENCE also contacts advanced growth factors to help naturally boost collagen production. 
The serum also contains revolutionary anti-pollution technology that’s clinically proven to provide skin with long-lasting defence from damage caused by pollution, sunlight, tobacco smoke and other environmental stressors to keep it healthy and glowing.

Key Ingredients

* Vitamin C (10%) – powerful anti-oxidant and skin brightener
* Ferulic acid (0.5%) – another great anti-oxidant that helps Vitamin C get to work in the skin
* EDAFENCE – revolutionary and clinically proven anti-pollution technology that also protects from damage caused by tobacco
* SCA® BioRepair Technology – advanced growth factors that promote collagen production
How To Use
Apply 1-2 pumps to cleansed skin every morning, allowing to fully absorb before applying other skincare products such.

Posted on: January 28th, 2021

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