Lip design by appointment

Lip creations are one of the most enjoyable treatments to provide in my clinic in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

During a detailed consultation to discuss your ideas and what is achievable, I can advice if appropriate what dermal filler may be suitable.In consultation there is a discussion on the risks vs benefits of treatment and ensuring that after going through your medical history you are suitable for treatment.

I show examples of some before and afters of my work to help get a feel for what you are wanting.

You can show me examples of some lips you have seen that you like the look of, this does not mean we will create the same look, it gives me an idea of what dermal filler to recommend for you based on your opinions and my experience & knowledge.

The treatment below shows how subtle a treatment can be to start of with. If the patient likes the results and next time wants to increase the plumping and definition effect I can select the filler accordingly.Equally if they like the subtle result, they can continue to have the same filler for this result in their subsequent sessions.

I always encourage a review appointment after the first session as it’s important to ensure the filler is settling as expected and like to hear the patient’s feedback so we can discuss & plan future treatments.After each aesthetic treatment provided, the patient is always offered a review appointment no matter how long they have been coming to see me. It’s a really important part of the process and after care support is very important to me.

Each time I see a patient I will remind them if they need anything, have any questions or concerns please contact me.It’s important for my patients to know that their health, wellbeing and treatment satisfaction is extremely important to me. I do operate a busy aesthetic clinic but each and every patient is very important to me so I always ensure I am available at the earliest convenience to answer any questions.

Lip filler treatments should be as individual as you are. One filler does not suit all and quite frankly many fillers available should not be as they do not meet the grade in terms of safety, research and development backing, the lack of ability to integrate into your skin and move when talking.

People often say oh I don’t want a trout pout or want to look like I have rigid lips. I have a carefully selected portfolio of dermal fillers that are produced by ethical companies that do invest heavily in research and development of their products and in training their practitioners & continuing to update their knowledge. Their products are designed for the dynamics of the face so they integrate with your lips and they move when you are expressive and talking.

This results in a natural lip result.I tend to use Belotero, Aliaxin, teosyal, restylane and Juvéderm.A dermal filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar molecule and it depletes with age. Lip fillers can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent lipstick bleeding into such lines. The filler can be used to define the vermillion border of the lip in a subtle way to refresh and replenish what has been lost over time or what may not have ever had definition.

There is a skill to how much and what type of filler to use in this border to keep it natural looking.The dermal filler can be used to plump and enhance the size of the lips.

This is designed to be in line with your own features. If the lips are too big, it looks unnatural and unbalanced with the rest of your face. I ensure it’s balances well with your own features and that all angles are aesthetically pleasing. You want the filler side to look natural side and face on. You can have plump, fresh, enhanced lips that have an amazing side profile as well as looking directly at them.Often there can be unbalances in the lip itself and I work to correct these asymmetries to give a more balanced lip presentation.

This patient below presented with a very small top and it disappeared when she smiled. As a result of the lack of lip structure lip lines were becoming evident above the lip. This treatment provided a soft and subtle enhancement whilst tackling the lip lines and creating a natural looking lip border.

You can see the initial redness post treatment and the image above at the review appointment 2 weeks later.Post filler you can experience bruising, swelling, some itching, some pain and discomfort so I always recommend not having aesthetic treatment before any special events.

In the images below you will see before treatment the top lip is considerably smaller than the bottom lip and tends to be slightly small on one side.

This lip creation was completed over 3 sessions.

This is to ensure gradual build up within the lip and this will stimulate collagen production and water attraction to the dermal filler which will improve the initial result. With a course of treatment you will get used to the enhancement and it will not feel like too much too soon. If a large amount of filler is injected in one session, this could stretch and pull the skin.

If you would like to discuss what lip dermal fillers may do for you, then please book a consultation to see me in Littlehampton.

Please note the consultation fee is deducted off treatment should we both be happy to proceed with treatment.If you have any questions you would like to ask before seeing me, please give me a call on 07779575072.
Nurse Carly 

Posted on: August 15th, 2022

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