Introducing Profhilo body

Encouraging body confidence by improving skin laxityOften in clinic the face, neck and décolleté are the main focus of treatment. Profhilo body now offers the opportunity for aesthetic balance between the face and body.Profhilo body is designed specifically to treat skin laxity on the body. The Profhilo body kit provides in clinic injectable treatment and home cosmetic treatment.

The loose skin on the arms and abdominal regions can be targeted.The kit includes a post treatment patch to soothe and protect treated skin. My patients report that the treatment recovery time is accelerated. The Figura body patch contains hyaluronic acid, a plant extract with strong antioxidant properties, arnica Montana to soothe and relieve the skin by reducing fluid accumulation and pineapple extract to support the skin and restore to natural condition.

The topical body cream to be used between treatment hydrates dehydrated and thinner skin. The patches help to soothe and moisturing the skin and provides a physical barrier to protect the skin post procedure.A study indicated a 33% increase in moisturisation and 11% decrease in skin irritation within an hour of application.

The Profhilo Figura body cream formulation is designed to restore hydration and tone by increasing elasticity. Concentrated hyaluronic acids combined with 2 peptides to restore cellular function and encourage tissue remodeling. It is designed in an airless bottle.A clinical study demonstrated a 42% increase in skin hydration, 6 – 9 % increase in skin elasticity and 52% increase in skin firmness, 28 days post treatment.Patients feedback ranged from very good to excellent when considering elasticity, hydration and firmness.

Profhilo Body is comprised of high levels of ultra pure hyaluronic acid and has been clinically proven to target skin elasticity and improve skin roughness on the brachial arm region and abdominal areas.

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Posted on: June 20th, 2022

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