Covid 19 Protocols

Carly Pearce Aesthetic Protocols

Hello, the purpose of this information is to reassure you that I am going to work above and beyond to provide you with a safe clinical environment and I wish to minimise risk as much as possible. Many procedures below are the same I normally adopt pre-Covid-19 times. The room appearance and mine will be different to normal and I wanted to let you know this before attending if you have not attended the clinic in the last year or give a reminder.

Clinic Environment

Appointment times are reduced to minimise contact.

  • A sanitising solution will be provided for you on arrival.
  • All paper and reading material from the clinic room, including treatment leaflets, have been removed so any information required will be sent to you via email before and after your treatment.
  • Drinks are not currently provided.

The following disinfection will happen between each appointment:

  • I clean surfaces, counters, door handles, taps and any touchpoints.
  • Payment will be requested before your appointment via BACS or card payment. Cash payment is still possible, please do let me know if this is how you wish to pay.
  • Toilet facilities will no longer be available to minimise cross-infection.
  • You will be taken directly into the treatment room on arrival as the waiting area will not currently be in use.

Appointments & Consultations

Booking can be made via the telephone or the online booking system.

  • I will ask health-screening questions over the phone or electronically before your appointment.
  • A Pre-Consultation Medical questionnaire form will be sent and to be returned electronically. I can assist you with this should you need help.
  • In the absence of returning your completed questionnaires, your treatment may be delayed.
  • Treatment Information sheets can be sent electronically if required please ask.
  • I offer online virtual consultations to go through anything with you prior to your appointment. This is easier to discuss all the information at leisure without the noise and visual disruption of the face masks.
  • As normal, appointments are staggered to avoid crossing over with other people and bookings are by appointment only.
  • Please do not attend the clinic with friends, family or children.
  • Skin products can be purchased securely online at www.carlypearce.co.uk/shop if you require delivery.

If you wish to collect your products an invoice can sent to you, for you to make payment and collect when you attend clinic or an alternative non-contact time if required:

  • On arrival, please ring the bell and wait to be let in.
  • On arrival you will be provided with hand sanitiser.
  • Please wear a mask for additional protection you can attend wearing your own.
  • Please ensure you are makeup free for your appointment if possible. It can be time consuming to remove layers of makeup prior to skin sterilisation and I wish to keep your appointments to the recommended time slots.
  • If you have a fringe or hairstyle whereby it lands on your face please consider a hair band or clip to allow me to access your skin more easily.

Wellness Check

Please do not attend your appointment with shopping or excess belongings.

  • I will not be shaking hands.
  • Please do not attend your appointment if feeling unwell or members of your household are unwell.
  • There will be a 15-day restriction on treating anyone who has travelled overseas, across the UK or have attended an event.

Clinic Room

The treatment couch will no longer have any soft covers and no blankets will be in use

  • All unnecessary items and equipment will be removed from the room and countertops
  • All skincare products will be in the display cabinet.
  • The clinic room will be very empty in comparison to what you are used to seeing if you have visited before. Minimalist at its best.

My not so New clinic look as Covid 19 has been around a while now:

My appearance finally, well done for sticking with it and reading this far! I wear a mask, visor, plastic apron and naturally gloves during the actual treatment.

Communication is a bit muffled by masks so I cannot chat as I normally do so if you need to ask any questions about treatments, skincare products, after care advice or anything else it is so much easier by video call or telephone phone call.

I will still talk but not to the usual extent as I wish to keep your appointment time to the recommended time and have time for disinfection after you have attended.

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