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My Facial Anatomy Cadaver Dissection training in Edinburgh.

Posted on: February 3rd, 2023

I was chosen to attend an amazing face cadaver anatomy masterclass weekend in Edinburgh, at the Royal College of Surgeons. 

I learnt so much including an in depth revision on complex anatomy, complications management,  aesthetic treatment product seminars and the cadaver sessions, a person had selflessly donated their body for medical education and how grateful I am to the individuals who provided this learning experience. 

I got to experience this with a group of outstanding UK medical practitioners so I was very lucky to be handpicked to attend. 

So what does that mean for you when you come to visit me in clinic? 

I value each and every one of you choosing me as your practitioner so it’s really important to me to continue learning and updating my practice to provide the highest level of care when you come to see me. 

Many of you know and love Profhilo, IBSA are the manufacturers of this amazing product offering and their distributor HA Derma sponsored my trip. 

I had sessions on the unique properties of Aliaxin, a premium hyaluronic acid injectable range manufactured by IBSA. Dr Beatrix Molina provided information on the range, its uses in clinic and her personal tips for improving treatment results. Dr Molina is a key opinion leader and teaches globally so I was very grateful to spend time to learn with her.

Back to Aliaxin and what it can do for you. 

This injectable product line provides treatment solutions to;

Restore skin volume, 

Redefine contours 

Fill wrinkles & skin depressions. 

An intelligently designed high grade hyaluronic acid range to maintain facial expressions. 

Here is an introduction to the range; 

Aliaxin Lip Volume for soft and harmonious lip transformations.

Shape and Restore

A dual action product of reshaping and hydration processes to create harmony and facial balance. 

Global performance 

A corrective action for wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial folds, mouth corners. 

Fine lines and lips 👄 

A lip refresh and fine line treatment, the optimal hyaluronic acid features create a lip gloss effect and natural definition. 

Essential volume a firm favourite in clinic for a natural jaw line enhancement to develop a soft & sweeping contour and diminish the appearance of jowls .

Superior volume 

Address volume loss and refine contour in a soft and natural way. 

I had the pleasure of learning anatomy and physiology with Mr Mark Devlin, he works as one of three cleft lip and palate surgeons in Scotland and is also a consultant maxillofacial
surgeon. It’s fair to say his knowledge is outstanding and thank fully his teaching skills match so it was anazing to learn from him. 

He is paired with Mr Downie, a consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who has a specialist interest in Facial Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery who again has outstanding knowledge to share. 

This exceptional and inspiring duo bring anatomy and physiology to life with their humour and use of play dough to construct the facial structures. Please see my masterpieces below;

The cadaver sessions were to follow our theoretical learning. 

To know a person has to decided to donate to medical science is a humbling experience. It has long been a method of learning to understand the anatomy and physiology. It is very different from learning from a book. 

The education team in Edinburgh were outstanding and very generous with their time & knowledge including the other surgeons alongside Mr Devlin and Mr Downie who shared their expertise. 

I am very proud to have been asked to attend. 

Thank you to my representative Sam for this unique learning experience and for all involved for arranging an insightful experience. 

My aesthetic practice has benefitted from this intense learning and unique opportunity. I love learning so you will often see me completing training. I have continued to dedicate my time and money towards training as it is so important to ensure I am offering my patient the best level of care. 

Nurse Carly x ❤️

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