Medi-Grade Skin Care

Your consultation can include a full skincare overview and Carly devise a bespoke Medi-grade protocol for you. Over the counter skin care products can be limited in what they can do for your skin.

Using advanced and clinically proven products can transform and rejuvenate your skin quality. They can be used for skin ageing, prevention and to help target specific skin problems.

Carly can take you through step by step skin care programs to target the needs of your skin. The skin care synergy programme uses only medi-grade prescribed solutions. They work and you will see results.

The customised skin care range can include the prescribed solutions including a selection of facewashes, serums, Ultra violet protection and products to prepare and regenerate.

Prepare, protect, repair and regenerate the skin.

Contact Carly in order to start your skin care journey.

“My skin feels and looks tighter, brighter and fine lines have drastically reduced”

“I couldn’t recommend Carly enough, she is so professional and gives the best advice. I saw her for the first time at the beginning of 2016. At the age of 37 I started to see fine lines and my skin in general was not looking its best.

Thinking treatment for wrinkles and fillers would be the answer, Carly recommended I start with a skin care range she sells which has done wonders for my skin. It feels and looks tighter, brighter and fine lines have drastically reduced. These are products you simply can’t find on the high street, Carly also carefully explained how to use them and followed up to see how I was getting on. So even if I do decide to have treatment for wrinkles at a later stage I know my skin is looking its best!”

Katja, Wallington Surrey